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Yellow Brick Road Boutique

Yellow Brick Road Boutique

The Yellow Brick Road is a beautiful wee store, run my the even lovelier Ruth Garden. With a lot of hard work, Ruth and her family recently moved the store from it’s original Parnell location to a much bigger space on Ponsonby Road. It’s now bursting with cute curiosities — just in time for Christmas! She has a knack for finding sweet stationery, sticker sets, little bags and books all with a personal style and flavour. All the clothing is chosen by Ruth with lots of cute vintage style dresses, skirts and blouses including one of my favourite labels, Papercup. Perfectly matched with sunglasses and little leather bags or purses.

The store has distinct two sides; one side staying true to the original Parnell store with sherbet colours, antique French furniture and paintings. The other side, has a more natural, earthy feel with natural wooden textures and a neutral colour palette. Ruth explained that she was wanting to take a new direction with the store, but still loved the original look and feel, by creating two sides to the shop, she could have both!

If you’re on Ponsonby Road, it’s definitely worth a visit!

158 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland. Ph: 09 370 0361