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Weekend Tunes: Pen Pals

Weekend Tunes: Pen Pals

This weekend I thought I’d post about something a little different! My good bud Alana, from Fancy! Design Blog and I have quite similar music tastes in that, they are both excellent (if I do say so myself) we’re both quite partial to hip-hop i.e. it features as a good 80% of what we listen to and when we were having a good Skype catch up a few months ago decided we should send each other mix cd’s. Take it back to 98.

Image borrowed from here

I used to love making mix cd’s. In the olden days, before everyone had iPods and MP3 players, we only had cd players in our cars (or tape players with these annoying tape like things you’d put in then connect to your discman) and had to either buy our music from a physical shop or burn a new disc, running the risk it would crap out right at the end and you’d have to start all over again. This would happen to me a lot. Before that it was tapes, and that was just a lot of stopping, starting and using a pencil to fix things.

The trick with making an excellent mix for a friend is not only track selection, but order too. It has to flow, compliment the track played before and not stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t just bung it on there in alphabetical order, put some time and thought into it. Clearly, I take this too seriously.

Here is a list of the tunes I put on Alana’s Mega-Mix of Awesome, pretty much some of my all time favourite tunes…

Deep Concentration Gangstarr
So Far To Go (instrumental) J Dilla
Kick It To The Beat J-Live
If You Only Knew Jurassic 5
Couching Writer LEGACY
Brown Sugar Mos Def
Round of Applause The Nextmen feat. Dynamite MC
Keepin It Live People Under The Stairs
Trippin A The Disco People Under The Stairs
(Pimp) Strut Pete Rock
Miscellaneous Phife Dawg
The Web The Roots
Let The Spirit Roots Manuva
The Way You Do It Little Brother
The Get Up Little Brother
Joy Talib Kweli feat. Mos Def
A Charmed Life DJ Jazzy Jeff
She Was So Flyy DJ Jazzy Jeff

Fancy having a go yourself? These awesome USB stick mix tapes are a good place to start! Go on, go make one and post it to a friend.