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Weekend Tunes: Massive Attack

Weekend Tunes: Massive Attack

I have been putting off doing a few posts on massive groups, I try and only do one post about a group and then it takes them off the table. I first fell in love with Massive Attack in 1994 when they released this album (that’s 17, SEVENTEEN years ago) and I was 11 or 12 years old at the time, I’d just discovered Portishead and this was equally as cool.

Even after such a long time they still sound so up to date. I believe that’s what we call ‘timeless’. I saw them live in 1999 at a V festival in the UK, it was really dark and they played on a stage that had loads of woods behind them, it was pretty amazing.

This track is my favourite of theirs, the singer is the same woman that fronts Everything But The Girl. This track is called Better Things.

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