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Weekend Tunes: Janine & The Mixtape

Weekend Tunes: Janine & The Mixtape

Yes, yes, I know I’ve done a post on Janine & The Mixtape before… actually I have done two (find the very first one here). But who’s counting? It’s officially New Zealand music month and she just too amazing to not have 3 posts about her, ok?

I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the next move from Janine, and this certainly doesn’t disappoint; she is one hell of a talented woman who constantly blows me away with her voice and music making abilities. Have a listen and fall in love a little bit more with this Auckland lady living the dream in New York City…

Happy weekend x


Weekend Tunes: Janine & The Mixtape

For astute followers of my weekend tunes posts, you will know that I have already done a blog post on Janine & The Mixtape BUT she (Janine and her group) have recently released their first single and it’s amazing!! I am always blown away by how much amazing music comes out of New Zealand, for such a small country we sure are right up there with the best of them, and Janine really is one of the best.

Janine has been working like a fiend to get this single, Bullets, out along with a stunning video which really showcases her unique style and sound. With a soulful voice that packs a punch and leaves your spine tingling. All this goodness layered over 90’s inspired beats, you’ll be singing this song under your breath and tapping your toes all day. She’s about to leave Auckland to live in New York for a year or two to grow her music career and if the city knows whats good for it, it’ll realise New Zealands best export has just arrived.

You can download this from iTunes and not only nab yourself a great tune, but support some great New Zealand music and a lovely lady at the same time.

A fitting tune for New Zealand Music Month!

Janine on me telly! During Decent Exposure on C4