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Weekend Tunes: Estere

Weekend Tunes: Estere


Last week, I was lucky enough to see Erykah Badu, live. She played at the Civic in Auckland and it was the most amazing, moving, just frikkin awesome concert I have been to in what feels like a lifetime. She was on fire and played the best set that was everything I wanted (lots of Baduizm and Mamas Gun) and more, including a 30 minute encore.

But this post, is about her support act, Estere. A gal from Wellington who should have had the Civic packed out just for her. She was amazing. I’ve heard her on the radio before as I have been driving and could never remember who it was. Watching her was amazing; she had a modest set up with just her MPC, keyboard and 2 mics, but holy hell, watching her use those items was an experience on her own, this girl knew her stuff. Not only was she using everything in a way that would put most MPC enthusiasts to shame, she had impeccable timing and would pop a few dance moves at just the right time before changing the beat at just the right moment. All the while singing with the most amazing voice, she carried herself and owned it. Loved her.

Here’s the track of hers that I first heard, Cruel Charlie. Enjoy!

 Image kindly borrowed from Estere’s Facebook page