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Weekend Tunes: Deftones

Weekend Tunes: Deftones


BAM! A blast from the past with this one. I was chatting to a lovely person the other week about the kind of music we listened to when we were younger, several bands came up and it reminded me of this acoustic version of the Deftones track, Be Quiet & Drive. It was released on an EP, I forget the name.

My friend from Art College, Sam James, loaned me the CD (before we had i-whatevers, we had portable compact disc players and walkmans with tapes) when I went on a trip home from the UK to Auckland for a few weeks, I listened to this track on the plane on repeat. It reminds me of being 17, hanging at the saktepark, going to Art College and generally having one of the best times of my life.

And for educational purposes, here is the original of the song. This is always on my running playlist.

Image kindly borrowed from MetalInsider.com