The Happy 30: 30 Things I Wanted to do Before Turning 30 (One) - Foxes Blog
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The Happy 30: 30 Things I Wanted to do Before Turning 30 (One)

The Happy 30: 30 Things I Wanted to do Before Turning 30 (One)


It’s exactly one month until my 31st birthday. It’s been an interesting past year and even though it began on quite a rubbish note, it’s been ironed out and turning into a year that is happier, it’s still a work in progress but I like how it’s shaping up.

So here is a list of stuff and things that over the last 30 years I thought “when I’m 30, I’ll have done that” some things I have, others I haven’t and it just means I still have lots to look forward to. So, in no particular order…

  1. Be a mum √
  2. Travel to the UK √
  3. Live in another country √
  4. Get along with my parents √
  5. Have a holiday for the sake of having a holiday √
  6. Run my own business √
  7. Own power tools and use them √
  8. Know how to do my own taxes and budget √
  9. Obtain further education √
  10. Have a career, not just a job √
  11. Get a tattoo √
  12. Learn how to do a kick-flip
  13. Build a shed √
  14. Know how it feels to fall completely in love √
  15. Know how it feels to have your heart broken √
  16. Buy a house to have a home
  17. Go to Paris
  18. Know how to bake proper pastries
  19. Run a race √
  20. Go to a festival overseas √
  21. Feel comfortable in my own skin √
  22. Have a marriage (not just get married)
  23. Enjoy my own company √
  24. Learn how to drive √
  25. Save $10k without touching it once
  26. Be Editor of my own magazine
  27. See Erykah Badu live √
  28. Have a brand new car √
  29. See the Northern Lights
  30. Learn another language

Do you have a list of things you’re hoping to accomplish? It seems like a daunting task, but the positive thing I found when writing my list, was there were more “yep, I’ve done that!” than things I hadn’t done….