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Jessica’s Style: Styling with the ECCO soft7

Introducing my new staple! I have literally not taken off these shoes since they were in my hot little paws. The latest from ECCO shoes, the Soft7's are crazy comfy and go with everything (I kid you not) I really have worn them almost everyday,

Pretty Locks: Verve Hair Design

I have been visiting my hair salon in Browns Bay, Verve Hair Design, for over 10 years with a few new ones tried in between, but I always keep coming back. Tash, has been my stylist consistently for about 6-7 years and I just love

Home: Oh Woodness Me

It's no secret that I love the tactile feel of wood. I would much rather have wooden objects to hold than glass or plastic; combine it with some modern, simplistic design and I go weak at the knees. I have a wooden cover for my