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Oh My Blog: 21st June & 5th July

Oh My Blog for the 21st of June was Electric Sock Puppet, one of my 'go-to' music blogs for heaps of good content and totally 100% karma friendly downloads.Click image to listen to podcastAnd for the 5th of July I spoke about Design For Mankind,

Oh My Blog: 31st May

If you're looking for delicious recipes and some great banter, you have to check out Hungry & Frozen, listen below.

Oh My Blog: 17th May

Bit of something different for the 17th of May, I had been horribly sick with the Flu (was in bed for a whole week!) so I had been looking at a lot of funny blogs. Here are my top 4 I'm-sick-at-home-so-I'm-going-to-read-funny-blogs blogs. Enjoy!My Cat Is

Oh My Blog: 10th April

A beautiful blog, Eat Drink Chic, a lovely style blog with a great colour palette, lots of downloadables, posts about weddings, homewares, food and other beautiful things!

Oh My Blog: 3rd May 2012

Another week, another Oh My Blog! Click the below images to listen to the podcast and to visit the carefully selected blogs

Oh My Blog: April Low Down

Playing a little bit of catch up at the moment with the blog! I've finally got all the podcasts from this months Oh My Blog feature on 95bFM, click below if you fancy a listen

Oh My Blog: Fancy! Design Blog

Following on from my new radio feature (snazzy!) I thought I would follow each one up with a written version on the blog and a link to the pod cast and anything else that I've talked about. Click the Oh My Blog button below to