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Jessica’s Style: #AlwaysSneakers

Oh sneakers. Wonderful, comfortable and stylish sneakers. You look good with everything and I literally, can't get enough. Or trainers, if you're me actually. To be honest, it does feel weird calling them sneakers, I had my love for kicks first ignited seriously when I

Jessica’s Style: Light & Bright

With Summer peeking around the corner, it's a nice time to update your look with some light, bright shades. Be it with some sandals, a blouse or a handbag. It's not quite hot enough to lose the jacket, but maybe choose a light tan instead

Jessica’s Style: Tulle Skirts

I may have a healthy love for black clothes, but who said black can't be feminine and gorgeous? To me, it's an elegant shade, that goes with everything and means my laundry is a simple task. I've recently made myself a black tulle skirt and

Jessicas Style: Monochrome

Those that know me, know I pretty much live in black and white, it's always in style and easy to find. I love stripes and if used in a clever way, hitting you in all the right places, they make you look fabulous. I think

Jessica’s Style: Handbag Hunting

With some impending career changes this year in 2014 (more on that next week!) I needed to purchase a new bag for work. As most of you know, finding the right bag can be almost impossible. I was searching for months until I found just the right one!

Jessica’s Style: Weekender

If you were to bump into me on a weekend, I'd probably be wearing something like this (with the addition of my glasses). Although, I shot this a little while ago and the hair is now shorter and tattoo is larger


Jessica’s Style: Season Change

Spring is so fickle in Auckland. Just the other day, it was hailing, then sunny, then gail force winds and heavy rain. It plays havoc on a gals wardrobe choice in the morning. The best advice? Plan for everything and layer. Take a jacket. Always

Jessica’s Style: Birthday Girl!

In late June it was my birthday (that, is how busy I have been folks!) and I turned the graceful age of 30. I'm ok, I've come to terms with it. I really didn't take it very well but luckily I have wonderful friends who