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Change Your (Desk)Top

Seeing as it's nearly the beginning of Spring (yes!!) I recently gave my hard drive a spring clean; I tidied my desktop, organised files (even the misc. one *shudder*) and I updated my desktop. So, I thought I would put together a sweet as little round

Favourite Fonts

My name is Jessica, and I love typography. A lot. A whole lot. I'd love to be able to design my own typeface, but I am my own worst critic (that, and I would hate for it to be abused with terrible kerning or similar

New Year Download

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had the chance to welcome in 2014 in a safe and happy way, whatever you might have done to mark the occasion. I'm not one for NYE celebrations (unless it's a house party, with a bonfire in the


Colour Swatch: Purple Smoke

 I love this photography by Lola Guerrera, she has a whole series of these amazing coloured smoke images and they are just gorgeous. I've created another colour swatch that I've used in my own projects, and which you can download for free, right here.