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Round The Bays 2014

Round The Bays 2014

As part of my 2014 being the year that life is awesome, I figured, why not do something that I have never done before? So I signed up to run (yes, RUN) in Round The Bays. It may or may not have something to do with turning 30 last year and handling it oh-so-well.

I haven’t run in a race of any description since Primary school. The last time I ran was when we had our dog, Ollie, and I chased him up the beach. I promptly got the stitch and felt like I had lava tipped into my lungs. Was this going to stop me? Never! Even though it probably should have….

I signed up, paid my entry fee and started to gather a team of my peers together, we were The Running Foxes! Made were up of Steph Munro @beautylustnz, Lucy Olive, Sophie Putze @nanawintourblog and myself.  We chose the SPCA as our charity (naturally, and you can still donate here should you wish). I bought some running shoes and some clothes to wear (because you can’t run in jeans) and had the best intentions to get fit and run before the race. Well, that didn’t quite happen, I only managed to get 3 runs in of about 3km each before the big day (the running/walking/jogging/walking kind), and they were all in the week prior… but I surprised my self; I was actually, quite good.

Round The Bays TeamRace day came around and we were all excited about it! We met super early and walked down Queen Street to the starting point and waited with the other eager participants. Finally, the starting gun went off! You’d think you’d be right into it, no. Not with Round The Bays! It took us 15 minutes to get to the start line (!!) but then we were off, Sophie poor love got separated from us, but we powered on. WE RAN THE FIRST 1.5KM!! We ran about half the race in a running/power walking/running combo and we all gave each other encouragement, it was so awesome!

We crossed the finish line in what felt like no time at all – and we all made it in 1:09, which was amazing. I am so proud of my team! It was so much fun and I am definitely going to keep these good habits happening*

Jess & Steph post Round The Bays

*For as long as I can, I have the best intentions. Don’t be judgey.