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Rental Nesting: Lounge Edition

Rental Nesting: Lounge Edition

Hooray! We are in our new (to us) house! As you may know, I rent. This creates all kinds of issues when attempting to decorate a house; mainly that landlords don’t actually want you to live in the house and make it a home, they would rather you merely exist, barely touching anything and leave no trace of you ever being there when it comes time to move. Luckily, I have an awesome landlord who wants me to make it my home — and that, is exactly what I shall do!

Here are a few snaps of our lounge — I’m so lucky this house has good ‘bones’ with beautiful original floors and white walls. We ‘cleansed’ a lot of our furniture (and possessions) before we moved due to this place being… petite. I’ve selected furniture and items to keep that I absolutely love. It’s quality control.

Foxes Blog Lounge3

Lounge Before

Foxes Blog Lounge

Foxes Blog Lounge2

Foxes Blog Lounge Crystals

Foxes Blog Lounge Oil Burner

Foxes Blog Lounge4

Foxes Blog Lounge Shelves


Foxes Blog Lounge1Items of note: Couch and coffee table from Freedom Furniture, foot pouf from Spotlight, Pom-Pom cushion covers I made, geometric cushion covers from Hazel & Hunter, reproduction Crown Lynn swan vase from Studio Ceramics, skull oil burner from Laneway Festival market and multiple terrariums made by me. Art: Ka Pai print from, Sparrow stencil by Flox, Over the Moon print by Hydrangea Ranger.

Until next time!