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Rental Nesting: Kitchen

Rental Nesting: Kitchen

Hooray! We’re working through our new house and I’m getting to show you a little more. As you know from our lounge, our new home is very small (45 square metres which is about 484 square feet!!) and decorating it has been such a fun challenge. I’m a veteran renter and I like to think I’ve picked up a few skills over the years.

The best part about our house is that it was a total blank canvas; the walls are white, the floors are wood and we have great, big windows with plenty of natural light. Having a small house definitely keeps you tidy; shoes go away into bedrooms, bags are hung in the hallway and shelves/hooks inside cupboard doors are a total god-send.

Here’s what I have done with the kitchen…

Kitchen View 1 Kitchen Empty, Before Corriander DinosaurHanging Plants

Plants (inedible ones) in kitchens are great, but they often take up a lot of flat space that could be used for other things. I love my Boskke hanging planters! Window sills are reserved for herbs (such as my coriander) and a selection of tiny succulents.

Kitchen View 2

The dining table and butchers block helps increase bench space when serving food and cooking. The often shelving keeps things light and airy and creates an interesting display while being practical. I love my butchers block, it’s so useful for hanging shopping bags and tucking things out-of-the-way, creating extra storage. I bought it from K-Mart about 6 years ago for $80. Bargain.

Top Shelf Jugs and Vases Crockery Dishrack

Invest in a stylish and practical dish rack, you have to look at it each day! You would be amazed at how much I can stack on this. I bought mine from Simple Human a few years ago and while it was expensive, I am so thankful each time I use it.

Kitchen Sink View

More space has been gained by creating a hanging pot rack (DIY here) above the oven. Accessories I have bought in either wood/bamboo or white, keeping colours simple means everything look as though it belongs and doesn’t make it feel small or cramped. You can bring in bright colours with tea towels and rugs to make it feel more vibrant.

Kitchen Art and Shelves

I love art in the kitchen! Misery original indian ink sketch purchased from Sideroom Gallery in 2008, Sarah McNeil prints and an Auckland bus-blind block mount.


  • Keep colours simple and clean, neutrals make a space feel larger.
  • Everything has a place and everything in it’s place.
  • Hang cork notice-boards and hooks for totes inside your pantry door, this keeps clutter out of the way and frees up shelf space.
  • If essential items are unavoidably on display (washing baskets, cleaning products, crockery) choose items that match your colour scheme and you won’t mind looking at.
  • Try and keep surface area clean and clear, you’ll be less inclined to get frustrated and yell that you’re feeling suffocated in your own home.
  • If you have a microwave but don’t use it often, tuck it out of the way on a shelf or in a cupboard. I put mine above my laundry area, reclaiming the bench space it would have taken up.


1. Planters for the kitchen window sill 2. ‘In The Winter It Is Impossible To Survive Without a Fire’ print by Sarah McNeil 3. Boskke hanging planter (exact match!) 4. Super Duper tea towel from Flora Waycott 5. Plastic-Bag Holder from Ragdoll Illustrations (exact match!) 6. Replica Eames bucket chair from Nood 7. Every kitchen plant needs some dinosaur friends 8. Kitchen Trolley from Freedom Furniture 9. Dishrack from Simple Human 10. Albion Mat from Freedom Furniture (exact rug!) 11. Lace Heart ceramic fridge magnets from Borrowed Earth 12. Bamboo chopping board from Briscoes 13. Bambus glass canister from Freedom Furniture (close match!)