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Reading List: March 2014

Reading List: March 2014


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I read this book while I was away in Fiji last year (I read A LOT of books on that holiday, it was awesome) and I actually could not put this down. It started out so well, it was so damn interesting and well written…. until the end. It’s like the author was told “you have to finish this book right now!” as someone was coming up the stairs to take it to be published. It was such a disappointing ending; it was uninspired and felt like a door being slammed in my face. I’m sorry to spoil it for you, but you’ll know what I mean when you read it.

It’s being made into a movie, but I would highly recommend you read this before seeing the film as they will no doubt leave out vital elements. And like any book-turned-movie, scenes that play out through several pages in a book are often only seconds on screen and you miss so much detail. I have read that the movie will have a different ending, so even more reason to read the book.

The book is told from two perspectives (actually, three, but that won’t make sense if you’ve not read it) of a husband and wife who have an ok but somewhat bumpy relationship. The wife goes missing, presumed murdered and the husband is the most likely suspect. He of course claims he is innocent and so begins the story. The twists are SO GOOD and a lot of mouth-gaping happened on my part, the build up was amazing, just a shame the final scene didn’t match.