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Reading List: Feb 2014

Reading List: Feb 2014

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

Secret Life of Bees

I actually read this while I was away in Fiji (yes, yes, that was October) and it was such a good read. Set in 1960’s small town, America in the deep south around the time of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s set around the life of a girl, Lily who grew up on a poor farm and lost her Mother as a toddler in an accident, her Father isn’t exactly the maternal type and she runs away with the black housekeeper to see if she can find out more about her Mother; all she has to go by is a label from a honey jar, picturing the Black Madonna.

There are many themes in this book, but the main story is based around mother/daughter relationships. I really enjoyed it and liked the way it was written, definitely an easy read for when you feel like something a little different.