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Oh My Blog!

Oh My Blog!

Loyal listeners of 95bFM will know what this title means…. Oh My Blog is a blog review segment, a regular 95bFM feature that happens within one of my favourite radio hosts, Charlotte Ryans, show (I’m questioning whether that sentence actually makes sense… hmm) it took a slight hiatus for a while, but now it’s back — and yours truly is the host!

Every Thursday, just after 11.30am you can hear me, Jess, review blogs from all over the place. My predominant focus will be creative based blogs (design, fashion, art, cooking, anything creative) with a few funny ones thrown in for good measure, because we can’t be serious all the time!

You can live stream the show here, so be sure to listen in tomorrow for my first segment! I’ll be posting a link to the podcasts of the shows on the Foxes facebook page and twitter too, along with a blog post run-down of what I have talked about.

Charlotte Ryan of Morning Glory