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Oh My Blog: Fancy! Design Blog

Oh My Blog: Fancy! Design Blog

Following on from my new radio feature (snazzy!) I thought I would follow each one up with a written version on the blog and a link to the pod cast and anything else that I’ve talked about. Click the Oh My Blog button below to listen.

Last week I reviewed Fancy! Design Blog, written by Alana Broadhead. Alana is a clever cookie, being a full time graphic designer, assisting in the launch of a new furniture design company, blogger and all round authority on creative guff. I love the simplicity of her blog, it’s stuff she likes, it’s mostly local content and it’s all put together on a well designed and laid out blog.

Fancy! Has regular features such as Pick’n’Mix and Show & Tell, a series of designer interviews. Her writing style is casual and friendly and she occasionally posts some good music to break it up. Content is updated almost daily so it’s worth checking out.

Here is a track that was recently featured on Fancy! Design Blog which I discuss at the end of the feature. J Brown & The Mic Smith, Where Ya At