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Office Daydream…

Office Daydream…

Lately, I’ve been having a little daydream about my own office space, I’ve been in my new office job for 3 months today! (Well, when this post is published anyway) and while I love it, I’m quietly missing working for myself. The thing I miss most is having my own space to be in how I wish; my own artwork on the walls, plants on my desk, the radio station of my choosing playing while I work and knowing when I invest in beautiful stationery, that it will stay mine and not go walk about…. I really love stationery.

Of course I love where I am every day, and the people I work with are fantastic, but it’s absolutely a change to what I was doing before.

Here are some of the spaces that I have been lusting over…

What do you love about your workspace??

Jess x

P.S. if you fancy having that nifty screensaver, you can find it here.

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