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New Year Download

New Year Download

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had the chance to welcome in 2014 in a safe and happy way, whatever you might have done to mark the occasion. I’m not one for NYE celebrations (unless it’s a house party, with a bonfire in the backyard, plenty of wine, music and good friends then I’m all over that, just try to stop me) I’m all about New Years DAY however; waking up fresh for the first of the year, having a yummy breakfast and spending the day outside…. right, fine, you got me. I’m only that way because I’m a Mum, so I am often home all night as I can’t afford to lose anymore kidneys to pay for babysitters for NYE (seriously, so expensive) and I tend to be up early anyhow but I do love New Years Day, regardless of hangover status.

So, presents for my readers! A free printable download!

Foxes Blog NY 1

Foxes Blog NY2Foxes Blog NY3NY Download-iconI’m a firm believer in setting goals, no matter how big. Having something to work towards provides focus. When you reach that goal, or cross something off a list, it feels so rewarding. Goals can be as big (or as little) as you like. I created for myself a little template that can be used at any time of the year and updated as often as you like. It’s not about resolutions because of a calendar, it’s about seeing what you’ve accomplished and growing confidence in your ability. As you can probably see, I’ve already started with on of my goals; more blogging and a little update to the look of the site, so chuffed with the results so far!

So print away and inspire yourself, you’re rad!