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My Wardrobe: Organising the Chaos

My Wardrobe: Organising the Chaos

One thing that I always struggle with (believe it or not) are with those ‘what the hell am I going to wear?’ feelings. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I want to tear my hear out and I end up making even more mess which is even more frustrating. It’s a vicious cycle.

Recently I decided to go through all my clothes in a very brutal and ruthless way. Anything that I hadn’t worn for a while was donated to charity. No more ‘just in case’ keeps, it all went. What I was left with was a very wearable wardrobe that reflected my personal style. Almost everything in my wardrobe now not only matches, but suits me and I feel good wearing it. Sure, I still get those moments, but they are more due to not knowing what mood I’m in rather than not finding anything suitable.

I followed this through to my make-up too; everything that was old or didn’t suit me anymore was binned. I only really use a few palettes but apply them in different ways depending on the occasion. This has made the rush of getting ready in a short amount of time, much easier!

Here are my top tips for organising your own wardrobe…

  • Split your wardrobe into distinct parts; work/weekend/going out.
  • Do get yourself nice hangers if you can, the right hangers help your clothes stay put.
  • Find some shelving for your shoes (mine was given to me, check your local Op Shop), this makes it easy to see them when choosing. Group them into work/going out/flats/boots. Check them regularly for loose stitching etc. get anything repaired that’s worth repairing and bin anything that’s not.
  • Group like clothes together; jackets, shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, trousers. Makes it much easier to find things.
  • Hang bags up or put them on a shelf grouped together too either by style or colour.
  • Fold your jumpers and pop them in the above shelves if you have them, otherwise those roll away containers are great for storing knitwear. Include some lavender sachets to keep them fresh.
  • I keep my stockings and tights in my wardrobe rather than drawers, great to see the colours when you’re choosing what to wear. Shoeboxes are great to store them in rolled up.
Keeping make-up in order can be pretty tricky! Here are my tips…
  • Use plates/boxes/baskets to organise your items. I like to keep mine in a drawer so I can see everything easily.
  • Organise like things together; keep your brushes in a cup, lipsticks/glosses together in a basket, mascaras/concealer sticks/eyeliners etc. in a tray. Your get the idea.
  • Work out what you use on a regular basis, you’ll find that what suits you most is from the same palette — bin anything else, you probably haven’t worn it for ages and it will be growing all kinds of nasties!
Once you see everything in an organised light, you’ll figure out new outfit combinations, rediscover old favourites and have a whole lot more options. Anything that’s left that is in good condition you can donate and have double the feel good factor. 
Have you got any tips that you would like to share?
Weekend on the left, working on the right
Shoes! Boots/Trainers at the bottom, work shoes, going out with my glad rags shoes, flats and sandals, weekend favourites then boxes of stockings, more bags and belts. The hanging organiser also has more flats.

Primrose likes to hang out here too in her baskets.

Bags that I love!

My make-up drawer. Clockwise from top: tray of brushes, eyeliners etc, nail polish, box of lip sticks and glosses, eye shadows, blushers, foundations.

Brushes in easy reach and my every day lip sticks on my dresser. The gold one is a bright, bright hot pink! Love it