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My Space: Bedroom

My Space: Bedroom

Like most people, I enjoy spending as much time in bed as possible. I’m not a lazy person, I just really love spending my mornings on weekends waking up slowly; having a cuddle with my cats or my little girl and spending a little time appreciating that I don’t have to get up right away.

To me, bedrooms should be a relaxing space; if you can, try not to keep anything in your room that isn’t helping create that relaxing space. Keep computers, TV’s and work stations out of there! Neutral colours and keeping things clutter free help you relax more, as will block out curtains. You can never have too many pillows on hand — great for reading in bed.

Recently I have spent a bit more time on turning my own bedroom into a relaxing space with changing artwork, new bedding in both black and white and doing a bit of a de-clutter. I’m in need of a new bed and like the idea of having either a fabric covered, tufted head board or a wide wooden one that would double as a shelf. I’m going to have a crack at making one this Summer…

At the moment we are renting and are lucky that our house has a neutral colour scheme with cream carpet and walls. When we moved in, I replaced my bedroom curtains with a taupe colour in block out fabric (ready-made from Spotlight) and replaced the nets with floor length sheers (ready-made from The Warehouse). Following that theme, I hung my usually redundant mosquito net up as the walls had lots of marks and dents, more than one painting could cover up! Bedroom accessories I have kept in the same neutral colour pallete by limiting colour and mainly using white, glass or wood; keeping this simple makes everything tie together really well.

See more inspiration after the jump…

My bedroom: mid-century bedside table I inherited, print by Hydrangea Ranger. I love crisp, white linen.
My Bedroom: Full length curtains add height to a room and tones are linked with the wool rug. Print by Hydrangea Ranger, swan vase from Studio Ceramics, bow cushion purchased at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair.
My Bedroom: Limited edition print by Flox for the latest Fly My Pretties artwork. Hangs opposite my bed.

Love the low bed and built in shelf for resting prints/photography on. Simple colours keep it relaxing.
Fantastic, unfussy bed base and butterfly chair — every room needs a chair, be it for sitting or just throwing your clothes onto. The rug warms the room and gives the smooth floors comfort.
Fantastic bedside cabinet! I love that the light is mounted on the wall and the addition of the plants.