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My Neighbourhood: Tiny Food Store

My Neighbourhood: Tiny Food Store

As you know, we have just moved house, so we have a new neighbourhood to explore! When we first moved in, I spotted a sign for the Tiny Food Store and thought it sounded a) delicious and b) I loved their branding! Worth a visit in my books. This past weekend I popped in and not only was the coffee delicious, they are bursting with lovely people…

Tiny Food Store outside

Tiny Food Store Treats

Tiny Food Store tea tins

Tiny Food Store cookbooks

Tiny Food Store covers

Tiny Food Store straws

Tiny Food Store vintage lighting

Tiny Food Store chalkboard

Tiny Food Store

The Tiny Food Store is the baby of Kim, it’s not a café, but a foodie boutique come gourmet food store with delicious salads, home style baking and a selection of mouth-watering meals they call “Dinner is Served” which are gourmet freezer meals that change each week. They are predominantly a catering company (Sauce Catering) doing weddings, high teas, corporate events etc. and wanted to set up the store as a way where customers could say hello and yummy grab a bite to eat. There is cute seating outside in the sunshine and they also sell cookbooks, delicious teas and the most amazing melting moments you have ever tasted. The decor is an eclectic mix of vintage ceramics and glass, where the more you look around, the more loveliness you spy.

You can visit the Tiny Food Store at 47a Nile Road, Milford, Auckland, they are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6.30pm and Saturday 10am to 2.30pm.