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Meri Kirihimete: Merry Christmas!

Meri Kirihimete: Merry Christmas!

Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not; Merry Christmas! It hasn’t really felt like Christmas in our house as my entire family are in different time zones around the world this year. Of course, this hasn’t stopped us seeing friends and visiting with the few family members left in Auckland and we shared a lovely Christmas lunch with my cousins extended family.

This Christmas holiday I have planned very little, I aim to relax. After a full on year with virtually no breaks, it will be nice to Grace and I to spend a bit of time together at home. I have a few DIY projects I’m busting to tackle, recipes I would like to try and movies I want to watch and Grace has written a very busy schedule for herself (it mainly consists of playing, reading and trampoline bouncing but she has it very organised and it’s on the fridge). It’s hard work for me to relax! I’m always someone with something on the go.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas wherever you were and are full of fantastic food!

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