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Meet & Greet: Shh by Sadie

Meet & Greet: Shh by Sadie

Sadie Hawker Meet and Greet

Sadie Hawker is the talented designer and maker behind jewellery line, Shh by Sadie. Based in Wellington, her current work is based around bright, tropical colours. She took the time to tell me a bit more about her creative process and how Shh by Sadie came to be.

When did you first start making your jewellery?
I began making jewellery just under two years ago as a hobby I learned through blogging and craft swaps. It didn’t take me long to become addicted and shortly after I began selling through Etsy and local markets.

Shh By Sadie collection

You have such an interesting name, where does it come from?
Shh by Sadie was actually my boyfriend’s idea, years before I ever made my first bracelet. Shh is a play on my initials “S H” and Sadie Hawker handmade. Back home in Wales I used to enjoy sewing felt brooches, and once a lady in a shop encouraged me to start selling them, so my boyfriend came up with a name, and I set up an Etsy shop. As it happened we moved to New Zealand very soon afterwards and so I didn’t actually use the Etsy shop until I began making jewellery here in Wellington.

Shh by Sadie Collection

Each collection has a different feel to the last, what inspires you and how do you decide your direction for each collection?
To date my inspiration is a combination of the materials I have hunted down from around the globe, and what new skills I’ve recently learnt, or want to learn. For example, the current collection centres around the Aztec bead looming I recently learned, agate slices I bought at a market in Hong Kong, wooden parrot beads I had custom made in India, and of course vintage chains, beads and charms my dad (very kindly!) collects for me in the UK.

The previous collection Treasure Huntress focused on these amazing crystal quartz pieces I very excitedly discovered in a bead shop in New York (I can’t remember how many family members I showed them to in excitement at Christmas last year!) and other golden trinkets ad treasures I’d collected along the way.

Sadie of Shh by Sadie styling

How has your work evolved from when you began creating?
I work full time in communications and so my bead work takes place in the evenings or weekends. When I first began Shh by Sadie I used to attend regular markets in Wellington, which I really enjoyed. It was great to hear feedback, gain insight into which pieces were popular – and of course meet customers personally (and do a spot of shopping at the same time!). Recently I haven’t had much time for markets but I’m hoping to attend a few this year.

Shh by Sadie collection

Describe your studio space where you work:
My work space is in my home on Oriental Bay in Wellington. I make all the pieces at the kitchen table, or occasionally on an airplane (26 hour flights are perfect for bead looming, though you do lose the odd bead!). I have boxes and boxes of beads and chains but can’t help buying more. It does cause the odd complaint from my boyfriend!

Sadie laying out shoot items

Where do you see Shh By Sadie moving in the future? Are there any big plans on the horizon? Goals you might have?
This year I’m considering reducing the hours of my “day job” so that I can spend more time on some of the ideas that come to me late at night. So fingers crossed for that!

Shh by Sadie JewelleryAll photographs courtesy of Sadie Hawker, all rights reserved.