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Meet & Greet: Liora Saad from Toodles Noodles

Meet & Greet: Liora Saad from Toodles Noodles


Being involved in the greater creative community of New Zealand (so hard to put words to what it is, I might change my mind on that later…) I’m lucky enough to meet some truly creative and inspiring people. Rather than keep them all to myself, I thought I would introduce you lovely readers to a few I am blessed enough to know.

Liora Saad is the talented designer and maker behind label, Toodles Noodles, a beautiful Auckland based stationery label that is constantly growing and flourishing. With everything being made right here in little old New Zealand, you know it’s going to be of the highest quality.

How long have you been creating your work?
Toodles Noodles (TN) was created a bit over 2 years ago in March 2011 — but I started studying Graphic Design back in 2002. I always designed my own Christmas cards for family and friends so I guess you could say that I started creating for the last 10 years or so!

What or who are you most inspired by?
It’s all about being in the right groove at the right time. Sometimes just being in a nice cafe can do the trick. Other times it’s day dreaming looking out my window when all of the sudden a great idea comes about for a new design (that’s how the new brolly design came about — do be debut at Auckland Art and Craft Fair.) I’ve also started to follow a lot of American stationery companies on Instagram. Seeing their works in progress, final products, studios really helps motivate me. The quality of work that is currently coming out of the US stationery scene is so impressive.

What are your favourite materials/mediums to work with and why?
I’m a paper and yarn kinda gal. I love trying to see what kind of new layers of intricacy can be brought to my designs and products by trying new things using items I already have. I also started producing new items using fabrics this year. I’m quite keen to try a few more textile options. It so great to see how different designs can look on different materials and products.

Describe your studio space?
I LOVE my new studio space! In February (2013) we moved to a bigger sunnier apartment due to TN basically taking up our entire home! I had all my packing material stacked up in our second shower, boxes of products and stacks of gift wrap next to our dining table. Not to mention my computer in our second bedroom / office and all my other products in the second bedroom closet! It was getting a bit crazy. So when a bigger apartment on the sunny side of the building became available we didn’t even think twice. In this new place we decided to put my studio where the dining area should be. Since we don’t host that many people and it has the best light in the house – my amazing partner suggested we dedicate that area to me and my creativity! One day I came home from a client meeting to see my new studio all set up. We put our dining table in the corer for me to use a nice huge desk, I have ample storage and most importantly light! I can look to my left and look down at the beer garden next door or look to my right and look out our deck and to the Waitakere hills. I also now have heaps of floor space to wrap up the wrapping paper orders! In terms of storage it’s a bit of a hodgepodge but am loving the look. My surplus is kept in beuatufl handmade wooden creates, I have my wrapping paper in old planning drawers and am surrounded by inspiring art by fellow artists.

It truly is my new happy place.

Where do you see you work going in the future?
I plan on extending our range to do more organisation / stationery products and also some home wear / giftware.  Don’t want to give too much away but we can say keep an eye out!

Where does your brand name come from?
The company originally was started by my sister and I, solely doing greeting cards and being printed by her in the US. When we were coming up with a name we had quite a struggle. But one day as we were signing off Skype we did our regular sign off “toodles noodles” and that’s when I yelled out “that’s it!” Since our middle name is Nudel, we were called noodles quite a bit growing up. Every time we say goodbye via messenger, Skype, phone — we always say “toodles noodles”, as the company was about writing letters it just seemed perfect. Even though my sister is no longer part of the company and everything is now done solely by me in New Zealand, I wanted to keep the name.

To get your hands on some of your own Toodles Noodles, you can visit Liora’s Etsy store here.

All images from Toodles Noodles Etsy store.