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Kitty Love

Kitty Love

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@foxesshop for those playing at home) you will know that we have had a full house of kittens! We’ve been fostering two beautiful, black kittens to help out the Auckland SPCA. They put a call out for volunteers on their Facebook page as they were so full of kittens they had no space and urgently needed foster parents, and of course I got in touch — it’s Kittens! Kittens!!

After speaking to a lovely lady there, Karyn, and filling in the application form, I went out to their Mangere base with my friend Dane to collect our precious house guests. But when we got there, there were no kittens! Just as we were about to leave, she got a call saying that there were two that had just been dropped off. Perfect timing.

Allow me to introduce to you Poppy and Primrose, two little sisters that we have been looking after. They needed to gain weight so they could be de-sexed and adopted. Poppy is the bigger of the two, we named her Poppy as she is so confident and is just like a tall Poppy. Primrose was the teeny tiny one that needed extra special attention to gain some weight, so my little girl named her Primrose, like the tiny flower.

Poppy is being adopted by one of my lovely customers and twitter followers, Kate and Primrose, well, let’s just say we fell in love and have to keep the smoochy wee thing! She’s actually ridiculous, she is constantly purring and smooching about the place.

If you have some space in your home for some foster kitties, do get in touch with the SPCA, there is no pressure to keep them and they need help with mature cats as well as litters of kittens. Kitty cuddles and warm fuzzies for a good deed, feels so good it should be illegal.

Top to Bottom: Primrose to scale with a pen, Primrose, Poppy, Primrose in an attack/tickle my tummy position, Poppy’s gorgeous fluffy toes, Poppy.