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Jessica’s Style: What I Fancy…

Jessica’s Style: What I Fancy…

Sometimes, it’s just nice to wander through the internet and pretend that it’s your closet and you can choose whatever you like. I heard/read the other day from somewhere “I wish I could illegally download clothes from the internet” and sometimes, I think the same thing! (But really, I’d feel bad and I wouldn’t, which is why I don’t pinch music either, it’s just not right). But, you can’t and we have to make do with what we have. It keeps us creative and continuously developing our own style.

So here’s my ‘magic wand’ outfit… love those bangles (6)! I’m going to hunt them down… I love a slouchy top over a skinny jean with an ankle boot (3). Always, always something pretty underneath (8) and that bag (2) my heart skips a beat for that bag! Tousled tresses like the lasting beauty of Bridgette Bardot (10) swoon city.

What are your ‘go to’ items in your closet?

1. Black relaxed top with zipper pocket 2. Leather ‘Boyscout’ bag from Oktoberdee 3. Boots from Anthropologie (no longer available but they always have great stuff) 4. Grey and Leopard, perfect! 5. Such a great look with the length of the jacket and the button detailing 6. Tortoise shell bangles from Bauble Bar (no longer available but you can pin here) 7. Always, with a cup of tea 8. Gorgeous leopard and lace bra 9. Great outfit, love the collared shirt with the sweater and the length of her trousers 10. Bridgette Bardot