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Jessica’s Style: A Very Important Date

Jessica’s Style: A Very Important Date

Okie dokie, well, as of late I’ve been going on a few first dates with some lovely gentlemen. Having been single and fancy-free for a year and just really enjoying my own company, I’ve decided that I’m not so closed off to the idea of being courted and generally wooed by gentlemen — and it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve made some friends along the way too which is always great.

First dates should be fun, exciting and full of anticipation and good conversation. When choosing something to wear, I have had more than one blank stare at my wardrobe and have decided the following formula works best. Be feminine, be comfortable and dress for where you are going. I like to mix heels (always try and wear heels unless you’re going mini golfing, you’re likely to hurt yourself) with a flowing skirt, stockings, oversized shirt and accessories or for something when it’s a bit cooler skinny jeans, shirt, blazer and a cute bag.

Keep make up fresh and if you put something on and it doesn’t feel right, take it off and try again! I always delve into the cute underwear drawer — they definitely won’t be seeing it (we’re not those kinds of ladies) but it will do wonders for your confidence.

Enjoy x