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Jessica’s Style: Summer Holiday

Jessica’s Style: Summer Holiday

First style post for 2013! Yowza! Sorry it’s been a while, just been taking a wee break and what have you, refreshing ones enthusiasm for blogging and what have you. Since I’ve been on holiday (it’s Summer here in NZ for those overseas readers) I’ve been mooching about in all manner of relaxed outfits. Lots of skirts, loose singlets and tops, sandals and jandals, big bags for carting things to the beach and spending lots of warm evenings painting my nails, fun times!

In Auckland, it can get really hot, then cold, then it might rain, then it’s usually sunny again, so you soon learn that layers are your best friend. Keep this in mind with jewellery too, I’m loving layers of bracelets, rings or necklaces. I keep make up minimal out of sheer laziness; SPF15 moisturiser  concealer under eyes (an absolute must), mineral powder foundation, a little Benetint for lips and cheeks, lip balm and a few lashings of mascara. That’s it! Oh, and of course some perfume.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break, whatever the weather might be where you are.

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