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Jessica’s Style: Shades of Grey

Jessica’s Style: Shades of Grey

Grey is such a versatile colour to have, I love light greys for Spring as they still feel fresh and bright and when mixed with bright colours (yellow, fuchsia etc.) it can be carried off exceptionally well. Different shades will suit different skin tones; I know for me with a fair, rose based skin tone I look best in mid to light greys, more silvers (like the ones I have chosen today) combined with peach or pink tones. Combing colour with grey can look great, like the strapless dress with geometric elements or different shades of grey can look great layered together, like number 4.

I love the idea of combining a bright lip with greys, but neutral is usually what I fall back on! You’ve really got to be in a certain kind of mood to pull off a fuchsia or a bright red.

Choose silvery grey tones to keep it light, reserve the charcoal for the depths of Winter…

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