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Jessica’s Style: Purple & Blues

Jessica’s Style: Purple & Blues

I was really inspired by the image that I’ve included in this style post (11). Purple can sometimes be a really hard colour to wear (much like yellow) but with the right shade for your hair and complexion, it can be much more flattering than you think. When you’re out shopping, hold different shades up to your face; do you instantly see bags under your eyes or do your eyes sparkle? Does it bring out your rosy cheeks or can you just see that pimple you’ve been trying to hide? Does your hair hide or does is feel like it clashes?

Almost anything can look good on you as long as you feel confident wearing it; if you feel like a giant bruise, or a grape perhaps try something else, or have accents of purple (nails, jewellery, bags) instead of all over.

There are so many different tones of purples, mauves and blues that you’re sure to find something that you like and feels suits!

Maybe stay away from purple lipstick though, that’s not designed to look good on anyone in my opinion…

Are you adding anything purple to your wardrobe this Winter?