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Jessica’s Style: Pack Your Bags

Jessica’s Style: Pack Your Bags

Recently, I visited Wellington for a wee visit to our fair capitol. I met up with some lovely twitter friends, visited a few of the Foxes designers and said hello to a few friends. I don’t travel a whole lot but I do try and get around to see the people that make Foxes, Foxes as often as I can and intend on doing so more frequently.

One of the challenges this trip, was to only take carry on luggage. I hate nothing more than waiting for bags to come off the plane and when you check out of your hotel, having to lug them around with you everywhere. Being away for only a few days means this can be easily done, but still requires some forethought and organisation.

Think about where you are going and what you will be doing; do you really need that fancy dress? Are 3 pairs of shoes going a little overboard? It’s all the ‘just in case’ stuff that drives me crazy when I’m packing. If it’s cold where you’re going, wear your jacket on the plane and layer with a light cardigan, two birds with one stone! You’ve now got two items for varying temperatures not even taking up space in your case. Do decant your toiletries into little bottles, domestically you don’t need to adhere to the “less then 100ml” rule (in New Zealand anyway) but it will save on space and weight. Plan your outfits ahead of time, choose items where everything matches and can be layered. If you can, call ahead to the hotel and ask that they have a hair dryer there for you, travel ones are pathetic and it’s one less thing to carry.

For the love of all things great and good; take an eye mask and ear plugs with you. You never know how noisy the place where you are staying, or how thin the curtains will be where you are going, and nobody  wants the grumpy holiday version of you.

If you want some more packing tips, find a helpful list after the jump!

  • Jewellery: wear what you plan on taking with you, pack an extra necklace or pair of earrings if you fancy a change when going out to dinner.
  • Shoes: think about what you will be doing, if you’re doing a lot of walking now is not the time to break in those new boots or flats. One pair of heels (for heading out to dinner) and one pair of flats should be enough, chuck in jandals/sandals if they are flat/light and you’re going somewhere hot.
  • If space is at a premium, rather than taking a nice dress, pack a pretty top that can dress up jeans and be worn with your shoes.
  • Do take your own shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste, not all hotels provide miniatures anymore (which is so crummy!)
  • If you can decant, ask around at local pharmacies/department stores for samples of products you use. Most are happy to chuck a few freebies your way.
What to pack?
For my 3 day trip to Wellington I took: 3 long sleeve tops, 3 singlets that could be layered underneath, 1 pair of black jeans that went with my tops, 1 skirt that also matched, 1 cardigan, 1 cotton scarf and 1 jacket (worn on the plane), 1 blouse for heading out, boots (worn on the plane) ballet flats, heels, mini straighteners, travel hair dryer, 1 pair of PJ pants, underwear for 3 days plus one spare set, 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of socks, fabric bag for dirty laundry and my toiletry bag. Easy!