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Make It Work!

Make It Work!

As you know, Foxes HQ is based within my humble home. I get asked a lot how I manage to cram so much into the day; mainly, it’s being really, really dedicated to something and actually enjoying so it doesn’t feel like work! The other thing I cannot stress enough about working for yourself, from home or anywhere really is BE ORGANISED! Write stuff down, write lists, thousands of them if you have to. I like working from home as it’s quite comfortable, I’ve got Leo the cat and Ollie dog to keep me company and when my little girl is home, I can hang and work with her at the same time. Bliss!

So, here are my top ten things for getting your sh!t done:

  1. Keep a written diary; writing it down cements things in your brain
  2. Write to-do lists and update them, everything goes on there even things you do every day
  3. Do schedule dedicated time to work on certain projects if you have multiple stuff on the go
  4. Keep a notepad with you AT ALL TIMES to jot down ideas or things you remember
  5. Always carry your business cards. Not really helpful for getting things done, but you never know who you could bump into
  6. Keep your work area tidy; it’s amazing what a clear workspace can do for you mentally
  7. Always carry a pen, that works
  8. Write drafts when you can; nobody wants to get that email at 10.30pm but draft it at least and send it in the morning
  9. Keep your music up to date; when you listen to good tunes as you work time will fly by!
  10. It’s ok to say no to people sometimes. Look after yourself.
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