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Jessica’s Style: Light & Bright

Jessica’s Style: Light & Bright


With Summer peeking around the corner, it’s a nice time to update your look with some light, bright shades. Be it with some sandals, a blouse or a handbag. It’s not quite hot enough to lose the jacket, but maybe choose a light tan instead of black.

I love having light coloured nails (6) with some lighter accessories. Why not pair this statement necklace (2) over a plain white tee, jeans and some heels (13) to look put together but not overdone.

Hope you’re having a lovely week!

1. Layered crystal necklaces 2. Tribal inspired statement chain necklace 3. Nude bomber jacket 4. 6KS Geometric Sweater 5. Look from Ellen Claesson 6. Nailmatic polish in ‘Nana’ 7. Polished look from le Fashion blog 8. Great look from A House In The Hills blog 9. A potentially perfect waterfall jacket 10. Superb nude/black heels from Killing Heels tumblr 11. Great Summer sandals 12. The Horse watch in silver/tan 13. Look from Camille Over The Rainbow blog.