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Jessica’s Style: Leather Layers

Jessica’s Style: Leather Layers

With the weather taking a definite turn over the last week, I’ve been reaching further back into the wardrobe for warmer clothes. The problem with Auckland, well, not really a problem, but you do tend to need to layer at this time of year; one minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining then it could be blowing a gale, then back to sunny with some humidity for good measure — all in the space of a day! Luckily, I love to layer; singlets with oversized t-shirts, with jackets then scarves. Pair with your favourite jeans and a pair of ankle boots (I just bought myself a pair of 11.) or how about those sandals (that heel is just gorgeous…)

With this weather change, I’ve been coveting a leather jacket. It’s so hard to find the perfect one! And by perfect I mean one that isn’t going to mean getting into debt or selling a vital organ to own. Here are some that I have found that would fit the bill quite nicely. A little bit 80’s a dash of 50’s and something that looks layered and will of course go with everything…. picky you say? Pfftt. I’ll find one

Really this style post is a “today, I wish I could wear…..”

Is there anything that you are wanting to add to your own wardrobe this Winter?