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Jessica’s Style: Laced

Jessica’s Style: Laced

Over the last 6 months or so, I’ve come to really quite like lace. Lace to me used to always be scratchy, nylon, plastic awful stuff that was itchy and made you look like a bogan (you know what I mean) but no longer! It’s been reclaimed for pretty-ness again! Lace can look gorgeous and subtle as the back on a dress, an insert in a lace blouse or a finishing touch on the trim of a skirt.

When buying something that has a large lace area, like the back of a dress, do remember to try it on before you buy. The last thing you want is for it to drive you crazy all night! I love soft, cotton, crochet like lace, like the skirt I’m wearing (see image 3). Keep accessories to a minimum to avoid ruining your outfit with snags and pulls and if you don’t feel like wearing a lot, make your own lace collar like this one from Zara (image 4) or try out the tutorial for a lace shirt (image 5) I’m going to bust out my sewing machine and do the same…

Tonight I’m off to see the preview of Jersey Boys at the theatre, can’t wait! Think I’ll take some inspiration from this blog post for my outfit selection.

1. Cream dress with lace back 2. Lingerie set from Anthropologie 3. My lace mini skirt, purchased from Cotton On 4. Lace collar from Zara 5. Lace tee shirt tutorial 6. Lace booties 7. Pink dress with lace back and fabric covered buttons 8. Lace detail black dress, love the hat