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Jessica’s Style: Hip Hip Hooray

Jessica’s Style: Hip Hip Hooray

For the astute amongst you, you will know that this post is a little bit late…. I’ve had a terrible back injury and I’ve not been able to get to a computer, which meant no blogging!! Nooooo!!! Anyway, let’s pretend that this post was on time and all is well and good in the world…

On the 22nd of June it was my birthday (hooray) I don’t usually do much for my birthday, but this year as I’ve jumped into the last year of my 20’s I thought I better mark the occasion. I had the best night with my friends having dinner, laughing until our sides hurt at a local comedy club and dancing to cheese filled 90’s tunes — what more could I want! Nothing at all.

This weeks post is a little self indulgent with some trinkets and pretty things that were on my birthday list, I feel like I’m a little too old for pressies from friends but my beautiful friends don’t listen to me and they got things anyway (naughty!) I absolutely love my stud earrings (9) from my bestie Kylie and my handmade triangle ring (6) from the gorgeous Kim of Wild Bramble which she made herself! So perfect.

Hope everyone is having a marvelous week!