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Jessica’s Style: Handbag Hunting

Jessica’s Style: Handbag Hunting

With some impending career changes this year in 2014 (more on that next week!) I needed to purchase a new bag for work. As most of you know, finding the right bag can be almost impossible.

I was searching for months until I found just the right one! There was some tough criteria; it had to be big enough for my lunch box, close properly, be black (of course), have enough pockets inside so things don’t get lost but not too many that you are searching through all the pockets to find your ringing phone. It had to be leather and be able to be a cross body bag as I’ll be getting the bus and will need my hands free. It needed to fit my sunglasses and glasses cases and it also had to be a reasonable price. Something, which my tastes don’t usually allow (damn it) but I love a good buy and I would not rest until my quest was completed!

Here are some of the shortlisted gems I found…

Jessicas Style: Handbag Hunting 1. Kardashian Kollection studded bag with tassels (on sale to $49.95, I’m tempted) 2. Twiggy Bag from B-Low the Belt, love the fringe on this one! 3. 3.1 Phillip Lim bag in Ink because we can all dream, right? 4. Leather Bag from COS, it’s sold out but there is plenty of other eye candy here 5. Gig Hincy bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs sweet baby Jesus I want this so badly 6. Kamala leather bag by Isabella Anselmi (this was actually the bag that I ended up buying!) 7. Durango Tote from Anthropologie 8. Naomi Purse from Necessary Clothing

What kind of criteria do you have when looking for a new everyday bag?