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Jessica’s Style: Glossy Red Lip

Jessica’s Style: Glossy Red Lip

I wouldn’t call this a ‘how to’ exactly, more of a little lip-spiration, if you will. I love to have a little colour on my lips and love lipsticks, but sometimes you feel like a red, but you don’t want an ‘in-your-face-look-at-me’ kind of red, but something more subtle.

To get this, keep make-up light and fresh, choosing a blush with pink tones to match your red. You can see here how I do my face make-up. I start with Benefit Benetint* so when the gloss wear off, I still have a colour in my lip. Then, I apply my favourite red gloss; Napoleon Perdis Luminous Gloss in Scarlet Fever.

And there you go!

Foxes Blog Red Glossy Lip

Foxes Blog Red Lip Squish

Glossy Lip Tools


*If you’re interested, I wrote a review on my favourite lip stains which you can read, here.