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Jessica’s Style: Colour Pop

Jessica’s Style: Colour Pop

It’s Monday! And yes, for those that noticed, Monday last week sort of got forgotten. I was just too busy and I do apologise to those that wait with baited breath for my Monday style posts…. so today I have been in bed with flu for days, I have parted with my duvet to bring you todays post.

I’m loving at the moment tailored items; tuxedo jackets, beautiful trousers, hats, waistcoats and all the rest. Not all at one, but I think one item that is beautifully tailored can really lift an outfit well. Of course my base palette is always monochromatic (sorry, I’m like a stuck record) but I am loving this seasons bright pops of colour and this is definitely something that I can interprete.

I love the combination of the unstructured bleached dress (9) with a tailored jacket (3) and bright accessories (6, 7, 11). Keeping it grown up, limit colours to either a few smaller items, like accessories or one large item, like a jacket. Perfect collars, pleats and tucks are what makes this look work, there is something to be said for well fitting clothes in shoulders, sleeve lengths and hems.

Lots of fun! Hopefully this has inspired you a little bit…