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Jessicas Style: Aquamarine

Jessicas Style: Aquamarine

For those that know me (and follow these posts!) you will know I wear a lot of black. I don’t mean to, I’m not some kind of repressed goth or anything, I’m a very happy and at times a cringe worthy positive person — I just like it. When there is a bit of sun around, I like to mix in a bit of colour to lighten things and mix it up a little bit. I’ve started to notice a lot of aquamarine and turquoise shades creep into my wardrobe. Combine that with nudes, amethyst shades and light greys and you have a gorgeous colour palette.

I’m a skinny jeans / mini skirt kind of gal. I like over sized t-shirts/shirts and sweaters with interesting accessories that are simple and not too over the top. When choosing new shades to mix into my existing wardrobe, I usually do it with a pair of jeans, a skirt or scarf.

1. Gorgeous shirt with layered necklaces 2. Sweater with studded detail 3. Scarf 4. Love this necklace 5. Slouchy black shirt with grey mini 6. Great outfit for mid-season, love the jeans and cosy scarf 7. Peach and Turquoise bodice bra 8. Don’t fancy buying a whole outfit, a little colour on your finger will do the trick 9. Colours 10. Absolutely love this multi coloured clutch 11. Can’t go wrong with stripes!

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