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Jessica’s Style: #AlwaysSneakers

Jessica’s Style: #AlwaysSneakers

Oh sneakers. Wonderful, comfortable and stylish sneakers. You look good with everything and I literally, can’t get enough. Or trainers, if you’re me actually. To be honest, it does feel weird calling them sneakers, I had my love for kicks first ignited seriously when I lived in the UK way back in 1998, and there, they are trainers….

Foxes Blog Style March 2016

I’d always loved trainers, but when I arrived in the UK as a doe eyed 15 year old, that was when that love got serious. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time hanging out with my friends in skate stores, checking out the latest shoe releases, working out how we could beg the shop owner for us to have access to the newest ones first (with our friends staff discount of course, because we were broke as hell, living on toast) before the full price paying customers could get a look in. Needless to say, it didn’t often go in our favour.

Jump to being in my early 20’s and back in New Zealand, I refused to go anywhere for a night out, unless they would let me in with trainers on. Don’t get me wrong, I love a high heel, dressing up and being girly; but back then, a night out meant being on your feet for 8 hours dancing your ass off. Trainers, are what you want. While other girls were drunk and hobbling with their heels in their hands with some serious blisters, I was strolling to the next bar (usually Rakinos (RIP) or Khuja Lounge, which for those in the know, that is a hike and a half, up hill, then the stairs of death) and I would arrive, fresh as hell ready to grab a drink and dance. I would style my white kicks with tailored black Ricochet pants and blazer, with something sheer and feminine underneath.

Fast forward to now; in my early 30’s, I’m self employed, I’m doing my own thing, marching to my own drum and in doing so, I need some practical footwear that is stylish as hell. Yes, I spend more money on sneakers than I should. Yes, the thrill of seeing ‘purchase successful’ on a fresh pair of sneakers the day they release and they actually had a pair in your size is addictive. Yes, I have more white trainers that one person probably needs, BUT, I still want more and will no doubt keep buying them. I wear them every day, especially now I no longer live in the city. It’s totally justifiable. I’m not quite at camping on the side of the road for sneakers, only because they almost never have my size available, so I wouldn’t shoot the idea down completely. Anyway, I digress. You get the point. Sneakers + Me = a good thing.

So, you can wear sneakers to work, you can wear sneakers to give your presentation to a client and you can wear sneakers out to dinner with your Bae. It’s all about how you accessorise what you are wearing, here are my life long style tips:

  1. SKIRTS & DRESSES: These look best kept at mini length or above your knee with most skirt styles. For a midi length, this looks best as a fitted, pencil skirt. Having it fitted keeps your femininity seeing as you are losing the height.
  2. COMPLIMENT, DON’T COMPETE: If you want your shoes to stand out i.e. they are brightly coloured, keep what you a wearing simple and unpatterned.
  3. NOT FANCY ENOUGH? ADD A BLAZER OR JACKET: a fitted leather jacket should be a wardrobe staple regardless of your footwear, but pop on a tailored jacket and you instantly lift what you are wearing.
  4. SIMPLE JEWELLERY: Layered fine necklaces, simple studs and a few rings will finish off what you are wearing, the icing on the cake
  5. NOT ALL TRAINERS ARE TRUE: What you wear to the gym, probably won’t work for everyday styling. Look for a slim fit, classic style like the New Balance 996, leather and suede will always keep your feet looking polished, just remember to protect them with a leather protectant/sealant.
  6. TAILOR + TRAINERS = SUCCESS: In the end, you need to look polished. Your trainers need to be clean, unscuffed and perfect. Whatever you are wearing needs to fit you, be tailored, if you have that then you will feel confident and look your best! Confidence is half the battle.

Now, excuse me while I go and put my credit card in the freezer. I’m banned from using it for a little bit.

Style Inspiration

1. New Balance 996 in White with silver detail (I wear these all the time) 2. Georgia Jay Mini Dutch Clutch 3. Tahlia Tank in Grey Marle from Decjuba 4. Winter Drape pant from Witchery (just bought these and they are a firm staple already) 5. Cream drape leather jacket from Max 6. Layered necklaces instantly update your look, inspiration here 7. The Horse watch from Paperplane 8. Reebok Classic Leather Clean Exotics from Loaded 9. Waterfall Leather Jacket, instantly raise your sneaker based outfit with this puppy 10. Federation track pants from North Beach, just got these puppies for a winter staple!
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