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Home: Monochromatic

Home: Monochromatic

We’ve already established that I love black and white combine that with geometric styling and you’d be forgiven for thinking you could hear me purr. It’s no different with my house too, I combine black & white with wooden tones, soft faux fur and timeless furniture. I think I like it so much for the fact that if you feel like some colour, anything and everything will look great with it and this can be added easily and without forking out too many of your hard earned pennies.

It’s a total accident that Leo (our cat) and Ollie (our dog) are also black and white. Although I do quite like how they blend into everything, especially the cat fur…. but I digress.

At the moment I’m warming my house up for Winter by adding soft, ice greys and pink tones to my monochromatic house through cushions, throws and new prints for the walls. A really easy way to update things with only changing a few select items. Best to start with the right bones and build I say!

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