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Home Inspiration: Flora & Fauna

Home Inspiration: Flora & Fauna

I love having plants at home, unfortunately however, it’s a little hit and miss with the survival of my plants. I used to be so good at gardening and looking after plants! Unless they are quite hardy, they do tend to have short lives…

Murderous tendencies aside, I love having plants in my house. They bring life to a room and make it feel like home. They soften hard edges and can create height and interest where it was previously a little boring.

group of plants 1I’m sure plants are like us and like to have friends. Keep them in groups with varying heights for an interesting display. Repurpose old baking tins, fill with soil, succulents and rocks for a coffee table centrepiece that will change from week to week. Left, Right

shelves etcIf you’re small on floor space, place plants on shelving. Use tall and hanging plants to soften harsh edges or surfaces in a room. Left, Middle, Right

square planets etcFill small window ledges and shelves with life! I love having little plants along my kitchen and bathroom window. Hanging plants like this ‘string of pearls’ above a table or in a corner creates interest in an otherwise lifeless space. Left, Middle, Righttray of cactietcCacti and succulents have great colour tones, plant them in groups for an interesting yet subtle colour palette.

What are your tips for easy to take care of house plants?