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Hip-Hip Hooray! Birthday Times

Hip-Hip Hooray! Birthday Times

It’s a mere 11 days until my birthday! I’m actually looking forward to it this year, I do every year, but now having left behind the pressures of the impending THREE-OH, birthdays for the next five years are in a splendid area of less pressure and my own high expectations that I for one, am going to enjoy.

So as I do each year, I’ve put together a little list of the things I’ve had my eye on as of late! (Any excuse to peruse online stores) I’m a very easy person to buy for, but also a right pain in the ass (don’t just agree, let me explain) if I see something I like, I usually just self gift (I’m so kind to myself) which is a little self sabotaging. I also tend to suggest very boring, practical things when people ask, so I really should stop doing that.

Really, all I usually want on my birthday is a sleep in, breakfast in bed of pancakes and bacon to magically materialise next to me and a good book to read. Ammiright?

Birthday Gift Guide 20141. Marc Jacobs ‘Baker’ watch 2. Minimalist silver bangle from TheFORMA 3. Isabel Marant black lace bra 4. Sylvia print by Margaret Petchell 5. CLIC Metal iPhone case made from Cherry wood and Stainless Steel 6. Peony pillow case from Society 6 7. Embellished knit from Witchery 8. It’s OK Banner from Secret Holiday Co 9. Cup with birch wood coaster from Kikki K 10. Essie in Eternal Optimist from Farmers 11. Colour block knit scarf from Country Road 12. Faceted sterling silver stacking rings from Shoppe