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Here’s To New Adventures!

Here’s To New Adventures!

There’s been a few changes and goings on around the place and behind the scenes at Foxes HQ and I’m going on some adventures. Not actual adventures, I’m staying put really but more life adventures. Foxes is now 2 years old, like a wee toddler. Don’t panic, nothing is really changing….. much.

In the quiet times, I’ve been getting my ducks in a row for some new chapters and life has sort of fallen into place in the last few months, quite nicely. In fact, so perfectly, I couldn’t have made better plans if I’d tried.

This year, Foxes has been quite consuming for me personally, it’s always been a lot of hard work (as all good things are) but it stopped being as fun. Sure, I still enjoy it and I love what I do every day but it just wasn’t really enough. I made a big decision for my family a few months ago that I would begin to look at going back to work. I missed the stability that kind of work brings and also, I wanted to take the pressure off Foxes, put it back to being something I do just because I’m passionate about it. So I did.

As of Monday I will be working at a local business, wearing fancy work shoes and packing my lunch to take with me. I’ll have time for holidays again, spending weekends with my little girl and (attempting) to relax again. To add to this perfect formation of events, I also have a lovely new gentleman in my life who has swept me off my feet good and proper, and such a lovely person needs a little of my attention too. I’ve done a Spring clean of the house and it’s time to welcome in some new goodness.

So what does this mean for Foxes? Nothing really. I’ll still be finding the best designers to represent, updating the site with beautiful products and keeping you up to date via facebook and newsletters of Foxes happenings. I’ll still be working on my collaboration projects with First Thursdays, the Auckland Art & Craft Fair and We Can Create. The main change will be to this blog and twitter.

In the next few weeks, the blog is going to get a new look, a new name (maybe, still undecided about that) and a new purpose. It’s going to be less about the store and more about content. It is going to become more my own blog, the voice of Me as the owner of Foxes, rather than the voice of the store. Which is exactly the same for twitter. This is all pretty much what I do now, but now it’s in a blog post it makes it more official.

So thanks everyone for your continued support. Back to regular transmission.