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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Frida Stenmark bunny

Happy Easter Foxes! I hope you’re all having a restful break (with or without religion) filled with late starts and delicious brunch choices.

I had grand plans of blogging for the weekend, but that was dashed when I was electrocuted by my clothes dryer on Saturday. Nothing like mains electricity through your body and a smart trip to A&E once you’d figured out you had best be checked out after half your body was numb to put a bit of rain on your plans. Then, on Sunday we came home from a beautiful family afternoon tea to find the house flooded after the washing machine pipe had come loose. All you can do is laugh, really!

In saying that, I do realise how lucky I am to get away unscathed; the doctors and nurses made sure I was aware of this by dropping everything as soon as I walked in, popping me in a wheelchair and hooking me up to machines for an ECG and what not. Electricity is scary stuff.

On a brighter note, I love this watercolour bunny by Frida Stenmark. She does some beautiful illustrations!