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Recently, I’ve been into making lists. Lists of things I want in my life, goals for my career and personal goals, chores that need to be done — like I said, I’ve been into it. Writing it down makes it feel more official. 
One of my favourite lists to write, that I have been doing once a week with just 2 or 3 things and sometimes more, is a list of things I am grateful for…
Here is this weeks list:
  • Being tired after a long week of work, because it means I have a job
  • Lots of emails in my inbox that need responding to, because it means people want to work/communicate with me
  • That I remembered to pick up milk, because I can have a cup of tea
  • Staying home all day on a Sunday, because it means I can spend the day with my daughter
Sometimes, it’s all in how you look at things. If you’re having a rubbish week, make yourself a gratitude list, you’d be surprised at how much you have to be grateful for.

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