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Going Hunting & Gathering…

Going Hunting & Gathering…

Friday evening was the grand opening of the new Hunter Gatherer store! Hunter Gatherer is an eclectic wee label that has been running for a few years now. Husband and wife team, Gem & Nathan are the brains behind the brand and also happen to be lovely friends of mine.

They’ve taken the plunge and have opened their very own store in Cross St Arcade off K’rd, and it’s looking fantastic! Crisp, clean and white with wooden tones, carefully chosen items mixed with their screen printed tees, jewellery and bow ties and the odd little plant make it a really nice place to be in.

It was lovely to stop by, say hello and check the place out. The store is now officially open to the public so be sure to stop by and say hello!

Hunter Gatherer
214 Karangahape Road, 
Auckland CBD

Gem and the awesome thumbs up guys who’s name escapes me (sorry!)